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Dime Dispenser technology (registered, under number 127031, with the Benelux Office for Intellectual Property) lets you leverage your investment in consumables dispensers by (retro)fitting modern sensor technology integrated with predictive analytics and machine learning algorithms to give you unprecedented insights in your supply consumption and logistics process.

Available integrations with procurement, financial administration and facility management software create a seamless experience for your facilities team, procurement and most importantly the user of the dispensers.

Product Options

Sensor + Software only

Retrofit your existing or new dispensers with Dime Sensors and use the Dime Dispenser Software to monitor, manage and optimize the consumption of supplies and facility maintenance effort.

Sensor + Software + Dispensers

Because the Dime Sensor technology can be retrofitted into many of the dispensers on the market, we can provide a dispenser matched to your specific needs with the Dime Sensor pre-installed and linked to your software.

Turnkey Dispensers + Supplies

Full peace of mind - we provide and manage your dispensers and your supply inventory. Never run out of supplies, never worry. We provide the service, and you get the advantage of our collective buying power and access to the software to track all details of your facility.

Sensor and Software Functionality

  • Hierarchical structure (Inventory/dispensers)
  • Automatic reporting of any dispenser
  • Notification of low inventory
  • Smart-use profile per dispenser
  • Predictive refill schedule
  • Predictive procurement schedule
  • Tickets
  • Multilingual
  • Integration with external systems (tickets / facilities / procurement)
  • Cloud-hosted
  • Independent of local infrastructure
  • Sensor technology for any dispenser
  • Facilities team step-by-step interface (screen on cleaning cart or mobile device)
  • Real-time dashboard
  • Procurement of alternative products
  • Role-based functionality
  • Sensor unique ID serial numbers

Frequently Asked Questions

When we created the Dime Dispenser technology, we started with the needs of the three main end-users; facilities users, facilities management and procurement. Our solution focuses on seamless availability of services as the main goal and we align the needs of the users along that objective. We provide facility users with the ease-of-mind that supplies are available, management with the ease of planning and procurement with the ease of forecasting of exact consumption.
With Dime Dispenser technology you are in charge of your consumption and data; you know exactly what, where and when you need to meet your service objectives. This information is highly valuable when negotiating your next supplies contract. Who do you want to be in control of your data?
While we have not implemented a large facility yet, our engineers have simulated environments with up to 300.000 dispensers without any problem. If your facility is bigger than that, we will gladly work with you to prove our technology in your situation.
The Dime Dispenser Technology was developed by a long-time non-food consumable industry executive in collaboration with very experienced hardware and software engineers. The objective was to provide better insight in consumption and optimize procurement and logistics decisions for end-users of non-food consumables.
The Dime Sensors are build from industry standard components; this guarantees low cost combined with high quality. The communications protocols used are based on international standards approved for use in even the most regulated industries and the software uses the latest in encryption, machine learning and capacity capabilities. No exotic solutions, just proven technologies from different industries combined to solve a problem in yours.
There are Dime Sensors available for nearly any type of consumable dispenser, including roll- and sheet-based paper products, packaged items and soap. Suppose optimization of facilities management is the goal. In that case, Dime Sensors can also be installed indoors and in water supply lines to measure utilization.

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